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  Filmul ne ghidează în inima uneia dintre cele mai mari jungle ale pământului ca să descoperim Planeta verde. Un film extraordinar familial la graniţa dintre documentar şi ficţiune despre lumea naturii. O odă despre frumuseţea şi diversitatea junglei de pe Amazonas, despre acest peisaj de excepţie, care este sălbatică şi misterioasă în acelaşi timp. […]


Artificial Paradises

Original title: Paraisos Artificiais A film by Marcos Prado Artificial Paradises tells the love story of Nando and Erika, two young people in their early 20s, who meet and miss one another over the years. Having as background the universe of mega raves and electronic music festivals, the film portrays the maturation of its protagonists […]

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This breezy romantic comedy (due to be released on 5 July) is about a young woman whose choices in life and love are shaped by the philosophies of her favourite filmmaker.


Night #1

This is the story of a rational, sceptical woman, a mother and wife, who does not remember her dreams. Except once, when she dreamt her horse was dying.

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